Research Point: Marianne Straub, Moquette textile (1970)


From: (Accessed 10/08/2017)

This is an original sample of the moquette textile designed by Marianne Straub in 1967 and made by Firth Furnishings in Yorkshire which was in use as seat upholstery during the 70s on London buses/Underground trains/British Rail carriages .

Key evaluating criteria as according to Creative Arts Today terminology on pages 199-200:

DESIGN: functional machine-produced textile from Straub’s original design first developed on a handloom (, accessed 10/08/2017).

Although she became a leading name in industrial design – creating upholstery for everything from London Underground to BEA aircraft – she almost always developed her ideas on a handloom before applying her technical knowhow to their manufacture. She believed that if more designers tried out their ideas first, there would be fewer bad results.[4]

PERMANENT: it was meant to be very durable, with anti-stain and stain-hiding qualities

SMALL/LARGE SCALE: according to the intended use

DEFINING: defines the bus/carriage/train as belonging to the public transport system

IMMERSIVE/DISTANT: passengers are in close contact, at the same time the patterning can be observed from a distance

PATTERN/COLOUR/REPETITION: the blue/green colour scheme repeats itself throughout as a pattern




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