Introduction to Project 3: A context for textiles

As an introduction to Project 3 Creative Arts Today (page 199-200) quotes the main criteria that can be used as a starting point to analyse the context in which textiles appear.

As materials textiles may offer durability and flexibility and these qualities make them a suitable choice in several areas – fashion, interiors, furniture, art and many other contexts, either functional or decorative.

When speaking about textiles it may be useful to consider the following:

ART or DESIGN: Is the intention of use functional or artistic?
TEMPORARY or PERMANENT: Is their use temporary or permanent?

LARGE SCALE or SMALL SCALE: Is the overall scale large or small?

TRANSFORMING and/or DEFINING and/or FORMING: Do they TRANSFORM/DEFINE an existing space or place or do they do they FORM their own shape, space or place?

IMMERSIVE and/or DISTANT: Are the textiles to be experienced in an IMMERSIVE way or are they viewed from a DISTANT location?

PATTERN and/or COLOUR and/or REPETITION and/or SHAPE: Key factors in the design and creation of textiles.


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