The hand-made: Taking risks

To note from Creative Arts Today, page 194:

Mike Press, Handmade Futures: The Emergence Role of Craft Knowledge in our Digital Culture (Alfoldy, 207, page 249):

Workmanship of risk – the centre is the individual

it implies:

individual production

it’s unpredictable and risky

production by a skilled person(s)


Workmanship of certainty – the centre are industrial production and industrial design

it implies:

mass production

it’s predictable

production by a system


The concept of workmanship of risk goes back to David Pye, who was a skilled wood-turner and carver and also Professor of Furniture Design at The Royal College of Art from 1964 to 1974. In his book The Nature and Art of Workmanship (1968) (ISBN 1-871569-76-1) he makes a distinction between two kinds of workmanship: the ‘workmanship of risk’ which involves a continuous risk of failure and the ‘workmanship of certainty’ in which results are guaranteed. (From:, accessed on 26/07/2017)



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