The hand-made: Craftsmanship and quality


Notes from Creative Arts Today, page 195

Ptolemy Mann is a contemporary textile artist and designer known for her unique and colourful hand-woven artworks and textile designs.

Website: (Accessed 26/07/2017)

Chroma Ikat cushionMonolithic Box Series at Roast RestaurantIkat collectionCircle 2

From: (Accessed 26/07/2017)

The Making, a craft development agency based in Hampshire (, has an interview by Diana Woolf with this designer/artist/maker: she explains why and how she got involved with abstract weaving during her degree in Textile Design at St Martin’s, how in college she developed a real expertise in working with colour and soon started dip-dying mercerized cotton to produce her warps and obtain the subtle gradations that are characteristic of her production.

After reading this informative interview I got curious about The Making and had a good look at the website which in its section Makers of the Month includes many interesting interviews with masterful crafters and artists working in different fields. I’m mentioning here just a few that I already know, but many others are featured:

Zoe Arnold, who makes artist jewellery and automata, but also writes poetry and short stories.

Zoe Arnold, from:


Alice Kettle, a textile artist who creates figurative panels built up using free machine embroidery.

Alice Kettle, from

Su Blackwall, a paper artist who makes intricate, narrative paper sculptures out of old books.

Michael Brennand-Wood, who describes himself as ‘an artist with a sustained interest in textiles’. He makes elaborate, eye-catching wall-hung pieces that are part sculpture, part textile and which are covered in an intriguing variety of materials ranging from conventional textiles to flags, CDs and badges.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art

‘Flower Head- Narcissistic Butterfly’ 60 dia x 40 cm, 2005.
Collection of the artist. From:

Emmanuel Cooper, who as a critic, writer, potter and educator gives a hugely significant contribution to the world of ceramics.





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