Introduction to Project 1: The life cycle of textiles and materials

Project 1 is an introduction to studying textiles in their journey from cradle to grave or better from cradle to cradle, so within the frame of one of the two main themes of this course, time, and with regard to the concept of sustainability.

Textiles are split into two very broad areas of study, constructed textiles and printed textiles, which in turn include a whole variety of making and decorating techniques.

Constructed textiles include textiles made by means of knitting, weaving, bonding fibres to name just the most important methods, but many others could be named, i.e. crocheting, knotting, felting (a method of bonding) , and very recently also 3D printing.

Printed textiles can broadly comprise other decorative or altering textile techniques such as embroidery, laminating, coating and many others that I shall have a chance to explore later on.

For a basic introduction to textiles Wikipedia comes as usual very useful: (Accessed 3/07/2017) (Accessed 3/07/2017) (Accessed 3/07/2017) (Accessed 3/07/2017)



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