Research point 3: Clarrie Wallis speaking about Richard Long

Tate Britain held in 2009 the exhibition Richard Long: Heaven and Earth, and in coincidence with that show the curator Clarrie Wallis had a talk about the practice of walking and its creative, meditative and philosophical value, besides its physical and psychological benefits.

At: (Accessed 21/05/2017)

The exhibition offered an opportunity to understand the relationship between art and landscape according to the artist’s vision. His work is born from the practice of making solitary walks through rural areas both in Britain and in remote parts of the world as in the plains of Canada, Mongolia and Bolivia.

‘Long never makes significant alterations to the landscapes he passes through. Instead he marks the ground or adjusts the natural features of a place by upending stones for example, or making simple traces. He usually works in the landscape but sometimes uses natural materials in the gallery. His work explores relationships between time, distance, geography, measurement and movement.’ (Heaven and Earth, 2009)

With more than 80 works, Heaven and Earth included sculptures, large-scale mud wall works, and new photographic and text works documenting his walks together with artists’ books, postcards and other printed matter.

The Telegraph published a review of the exhibition by Richard Dorment (2009) which underlined how sensitively Long worked with the land, showing humility, respect for nature and lightness of touch (Dorment, 2009).

‘In A Line Made by Walking we can see exactly how the path was made, approximate the time it took to make it, and guess how long it will remain visible before it is obliterated by the elements. And yet it is also mysterious. It looks as though it appeared out of nowhere, with no footprints leading up to it or away from it, at once a sign of the artist’s presence and of his absence.’ (Dorment, 2009)

Richard Long, A Line Made by Walking (1967)

At: (Accessed 21/05/2017)

More information on Richard Long and his work can be obtained from his website.



Video for Heath and Heaven exhibition: (Accessed 21/05/2017)

Richard Long: Heaven and Earth (2009) At: [online] (Accessed 21/05/2017)

Dorment, R. (2009) ‘Richard Long: Heaven and Earth at Tate Britain , review’ In: 1.06.2009 [online]  At: (Accessed 21.05.2017)

Richard Long’s website: (Accessed 21.05.2017)





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