Exercise 2, Part 1 : Flicking through my Iphone’s photos

Exercise 2 invites me to flick through a photo album – I chose the Camera Roll in my Iphone – and pick out some that seem ‘artistic’ to me.

As I said in my introductory notes to Project 1, I never thought to make art through my photos and so all of them were merely an attempt to fix what interests me, an aid to memory, or a form of documentation for future use. Nonetheless while reviewing these snapshots, moments of my life came forcefully back, some images woke up emotions or feelings associated with them, and these are the ones that I chose to upload.

While all of them are more or less personally meaningful to me, I am not going into the circumstances at the time – it would take too long – and shall limit myself to take note of what I think makes every one of them a little special if not really ‘artistic’.


The vivid colours and the sharp lines caught my attention in a restaurant


The mirrors in front of me fragmented the people and the trees behind



Graffiti on a wall look like an abstract painting



Another photographic abstract painting, loved the combination of green, black and cream and the strength of the black shape in the centre



Inside a museum: I was attracted by the combination of the three elements, the wheelchairs in partial shadow, the white strong shape of the stair and the woman climbing



I was driven by the strong contrasts of shapes, colour and light



This is a photograph of me, taken by somebody else. I absolutely love the relationship between my eyes and those of the painted figures, and the mellow colours



A confused picture inside a museum, I like how the statue in the foreground is a bit out of focus



I think this is a fun portrait


A photograph of an old photograph on a grave, I wanted to take it back to life



I was captured by this shadow of two people on a wall, it looks like a double exposure but it’s just a reflexion













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