Other elements in visual communications: a round-up

As Creative Arts Today explains (page 120), in addition to texts and images, visual communications can include other elements to convey their meanings:

  • blocks of colour, lines and other shapes to create logos and patterns in their own right, or alongside texts and images in designs
  • physical qualities such as the paper, card, fabric, plastic etcetera used for printing or displaying
  • moving images in animations, television and film, online contents or new media. Moving images ‘prioritises narrative-based communications because of its ability to tell a story frame by frame
  • interactivity, that is to say the interaction between people and technologies, is  used in cash machines, electronic games, smartphones and the internet
  • sound is particularly important within interaction, as an addition to moving pictures and as a tool in its own right to provide feedback

In addition to the above, I found two interesting sources online that I could explore when I have a chance:


On visual communications elements and principles


On Visual Communication Design


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