Text as a visual element

Basic concepts in the introduction to Project 2

Visual communications basically combine text and images, with the possible addition of blocks of colour or shapes, and in the case of film, animation or interactivity also sounds and moving images.

The written word or text is very often fundamental especially in publishing and information design.

Text implies typography, hence the use and choice of typefaces and their arrangement.

Typography conveys a message both through the words themselves and through their visual presentation (choice of typeface, its scale and arrangement).

I did some research in the ways the rich wealth of typefaces may be classified and although different systems exist I find particularly useful and easy the understand the classification adopted by Mary Bonneville in her blog article 17 Basic Kinds of Fonts (2015) at http://bonfx.com/types-of-fonts, which I shall use in my next exercise.

I have also looked up other sources on the web:

For all fonts imaginable: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/ 




The Online Journal of Art and Design (at: http://www.adjournal.net/) has a very interesting article, The Effects of Font Type Choosing on Visual Perception and Visual Communication, by İsmail Hakkı Nakilcioğlu (Online Journal of Art and Design, volume 1, issue 3, 2013).


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