Sign and creative writing: mapping the ground ahead

Before embarking on Project 1 of the second part of the course I feel the need to investigate the ground ahead starting from the introductory pages on the concept of sign in my handbook (Creative Arts Today, p. 65-67).

The arbitrariness of the sign sub chapter encouraged me to have a look at some philosophy books I have at home and try to fix the basic ideas in the vast field of semiotics. I created a mind map with them, according to my understanding at the moment, provided that I can revise and/or integrate it at a later time and that I have no wish to get lost in technicalities at this initial stage


The coursebook arises many stimulating questions to think about while working on this part. Very briefly:

  • provided that language is an arbitrary system does creative writing reflect the world and our experience of it or does it do something else?
  • implications of the arbitrariness of sign for creative writing: is it a freedom or a restriction?
  • the existence of different sign systems in society and are they also arbitrary? (Part Three)
  • can we express ourselves and communicate in a changing language system and how?


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