Brief notes on Tacita Dean

My discovery of contemporary British artists continues with Tacita Dean, born in 1965 in Kent and living now in Berlin. This course gives me the opportunity, among other things, to get to know more about art in the UK, of which I had only a very vague idea.

I listened to a 2013  interview  with her at ACCA, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, in which she speaks about her work Film and the need to preserve the film as medium in the digital age. It’s an insightful conversation on her way of making art and the importance of medium.

She explains that in using film she particularly enjoys the hands-on reliance on post-production and that this allows her to keep her authorship and the intensity of the making; she loves the physicality of the camera process, the grain, the chemistry, even the mistakes, the slowness too of the film medium. She wishes to explore this traditional medium in new directions, especially because  “what [digital] doesn’t have is this internal light that film has and also its deep relationship to time”

Tacita Dean, on Film. Interview at ACCA 2013, ACCA, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art on UTube [online] At: (Accessed on 05/09/16)

I love her idea of recording a mosquito buzzing on tape, her fixing of sound onto a physical means, it’s like time made visible and palpable so that time and space are connected and one echoes the other.



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