Notes and sources on Marcel Duchamp

Wonderful website on Duchamp, a real mine of information here: (accessed 1/08/2016)

The Marcel Duchamp Online Studies Journal

Tout fait is the French translation for ready-made

Among other things a very interesting article The Creative Act by Julian Jason Haladyn, Published: 01/04/15, Updated: 05/05/16

I believe very strongly in the “medium” aspect of the artist. The artist makes something, then one day, he is recognized by the intervention of the public, of the spectator; so later he goes on to posterity. You can’t stop that, because, in brief, it’s a product of two poles – there’s the pole of the one who makes the work, and the pole of the one who looks at it. I give the latter as much importance as the one who makes it.

from Pierre Cabanne, Dialogues with Marcel Duchamp, trans. Ron Padgett (Cambridge: Da Capo Press, 1987), 70.

In June 1968 Joan Bakewell interviewed Marcel Ducham for the BBC only months before his death.  I found this very precious primary source on Youtube:

Apart from the emotion I felt in seeing and listening to him speaking first-hand, in this interview he touches upon many interesting points: what does he mean by retinal painting, the Dada movement and his role in it, his work the Great Glass, the concept of ready-mades and his intention in creating them, Op and Pop Art, happenings, if art can still (in 1968) shock the public.


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