Research exercise in OCA online libraries


Before taking a plunge into the course core and starting to swim, Creative Arts Today suggests among other things that the student gets acquainted with OCA site and its plentiful resources, and especially with its online libraries. And as a first research exercise it asks to find an image on the Bridgeman Education Library and write some words about it.

Since this blog is public I am only allowed to add a link to the image and not the image itself, which I have printed out for my private use only:

It is a mixed media picture (2010) named Space, Time, Motion, Green, described as Homage to Mark Rothko (1903-1970), measuring 36×26 cm, by the artist Izabella Godlewska de Aranda.

These are the words that came to my mind when looking at the image:

peaceful, vast, flat, three-dimensional, never-ending, transparent

I think flat and three-dimensional at the same time because the lighter green area in the central top part of the picture looks like a fold to me (a ripple in Time). At a closer view I also see an abstracted version of a vast field with the sky above the midline (Space). Motion makes me think of a movement through Time and Space.

A note about searching on the Bridgeman Education Library: first I did the search on “time contemporary” as suggested and I was given 1316 results, the addition of “green” produced a great improvement with only 69 results.



I made myself a note to investigate a little more about Izabella Godlewska de Aranda and I shall add what I find about her in a separate post on this blog.

This short exercise led me to explore other online galleries on OCA student site. Some I have found particularly interesting and have already explored them a little bit, others I shall discover along the way.



The first talk  I shall listen to is Thelma Golden’s – How art gives shape to cultural change…



Another very useful resource


I wanted to register but unfortunately this magazine has stopped publishing on December 2015.


Other great resources are:


and the TATE etc. online journal



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